Evolve's Development is based on 4 principals:

Evolve Listens iconA. Listen v.
- to hear something with thoughtful attention : give careful consideration.
Listen means: be attentive, observe, take notice, pay attention; apply oneself, attend. Evolve listens to what our potential customers and current clients need and want. We strive to know our clients and we must listen to understand our customers. Evolve Solutions seeks to take notice of and attend to our client partner needs.

Evolve Solutions solutions iconB. Solution n.
  1. : an action or process of solving a problem.
  2. : an answer to a problem : explanation.
Solution means: description, formalization, illumination, interpretation, resolution, simplification. Solution is a noun, but means a series of events or a course of action. Evolve delivers solutions that provide illumination and descriptions of the concerns and proposed answer that the clients can understand. We work to create the simplest resolution to the Customer's issues, problems and challenges.

Evolve Solutions design iconC. Design v.
  1. : to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan
  2. to conceive and plan out in the mind. : to devise for a specific function or end.
  3. : to make a drawing, pattern, or sketch of.
  4. : to draw the plans for. : to conceive or execute a plan.
Design means: draw something or to create and execute a plan. It also means to draw up the plan as in a Solution. Evolve designs and creates intranet applications, strategies, illustrations and websites. Evolve designs solutions.

Evolve Solutions followup iconD. Followup v.
  1. : to maintain contact with (a person) so as to monitor the effects of earlier activities or treatments
  2. : to pursue in an effort to take further action
Follow Up means: proceed from, outgrowth, emanate from, sequel. Evolve maintains long relationships with clients by continuing to listen even after the solution has been designed and implemented. We want to know where we can continue to assist clients needs after the presumed conclusion of a work product.

This is especially true of our ADA Compliance monthly maintenance plans. To ensure your compliance remains intact and continue to mitigate your exposure to litigation, you must have someone review your site monthly and provide adequate reporting.

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