Consulting Solutions

It is very easy to start an on-line business, but much more difficult to run one successfully. Likewise, technology changes so fast that the impact on your business can be overwhelming. Evolve Solutions E-Business Strategy will help keep you on track.

Our Approach

Evolve is the key to your success - Solutions imageEvolve provides Solutions - We do not simply list purchases for adding technology to your business. Instead, we look at the broad picture of what you are trying to accomplish; in the short-term and long-term.

We examine:

  • Your operations
  • Core business practices
  • Internet technology investments

In order to:

  • Document a strategic E-Business Strategy
  • Address your short-term needs
  • Lay the ground work for your long-term goals

E-Business Strategy

ebusiness Solutions imageFor any initiative to succeed, there must be a plan in place. Evolve Solutions will help you envision, develop, and execute that plan. To fulfill an E-Business Strategy consulting commitment we will:
  • Conduct interviews with management to gain an understanding of operations and core business practices
  • Evaluate current Internet technology utilization
  • Present a strategy that addresses:
    1. Short-term needs
    2. Long-term goals
    3. Integration of current practices with Internet technologies
    4. List additional technologies for future consideration
    5. Deploy the solution according to plan
Social Media Strategy Solutions image

Social Media Strategy

Similar to our E-Business Strategy, Evolve will help you develop a plan to embrace and utilize Social Media for your business. Social Media and Social Marketing are avenues and pieces of an overall marketing strategy, but they have a different media strategy for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We'll help you learn how to set up your various Social programs and work with your staff to train on how best to use this brilliant and exciting arena. Contact Evolve today to learn how we can assist your business, whether you need to communicate better with your audience and customers or even market to them.

Digital ADA Compliance

We can review your existing digital footprint for Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance. Even if you already have a "Web Designer" you may not have the resource necessary to bring your site into compliance to avoid lawsuits. Many so called web designers, or WordPress site designers and even plugin creators, don't follow current ADA standards. Most sites we review have at least 20 or more errors, violations or threats. We can work with your existing systems, developers and/or designers to bring your site into compliance.

Digital ADA Compliance Solutions image

How Does This Pertain To You?

Currently a blind gentleman has brought a suit against 50 colleges and universities across the US. Over 2000 companies were sued in 2020 for non-compliance with the ADA.

Evolve will correct the errors and discrepencies in your website's code, CMS, or backend coding. Even if you have received a letter from an attorney threatening a lawsuit, we can kick off a project to correct these mistakes and potentially stave off a suit. If you want to know more, Click Here to learn more about this issue affecting most businesses, colleges and universities, and municipalities across the United States.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Solutions imageThis process involves examining your site in great detail to ensure balance between keywords, content, overall design, and a host of other variables - all of which impact your placement within search engines. Evolve will make practical recommendations on changes that will improve your site's performance and make the modifications if desired. We also submit your site to approximately 30 popular search engines and directories. Beyond this, we provide weekly or monthly reporting on your site's performance and ranking. Evolve works with a couple SEO-focued companies that can deliver additional and more in-depth reporting and solutions. We will bring one in to further assist your company as we work through which ever strategy is agreee upon.