Development Solutions

Evolve has many products and solutions that you can use to help your business grow, be more productive on the Internet and perhaps save you a little money. Give us a call or drop us a line to discuss any or all of the below products or services:

Design Services

Picture of a website design we accomplished for Superior Stone Equipment

Custom WebSite Development.

Our team combines a long history of artistic design, functional specification writing, and overall development experience to design and deliver a web site that is tailored to the exact needs of your business. We meet with you and discuss expectations, preferences, message, goals, and overall strategy in order to develop a web site strategically targeted for your business.

Graphic Design, Custom Logos, and Branding Design.

Our Managing Partner started work life as an illustrator and graphic designer. Our designers have experience in both print and web design. We may focus as a website design and internet solutions firm, but we haven't forgotten our roots and can help your company with every part of branding and marketing from logoing to strategy and implementation. Our designers will create a graphical look and feel that is consistent with your company's overall marketing strategy. Additionally, our team can create custom graphics or work from existing material you already have and integrate them into your site. Evolve assets have designed everything from corporate logos, sinage, and business cards to trade show booth backdrops, banners and product package design.

Content Creation

ebusiness Solutions imageEvolve has many resources to help your company look better. One such ability is to write, rewrite or edit your website's content. This content can be repurposed for use in social media, blogging or even print media. Our story tellers will interview key assets within your organization to create your written brand. Let Evolve help you tell your story of why your company is different than your competition.

Online Marketing.

Actively promote your business online by allowing us to submit your web site to search engines, create banner campaign adds, and establish e-marketing materials based on your existing marketing or website's look and feel. By using these materials, you can proactively drive business and revenue to your site through targeted e-marketing campaigns.

Internet communication is the future of commerce

- adapt to it and utilize it. Evolve's team has the skills and resources needed to design powerful, effective web-based communication tools for your company. Evolve Solutions engineers and delivers Internet-based software applications designed to expand your possibilities and add revenue to your bottom line.

Picture of the website design and implementation we accomplished for the town of Bar Harbor, ME

Content Management Software.

Easily change and update content site-wide. Evolve installs very secure CMS applications that allow you to update your site's content from any computer at any time. Changes are made directly to the site, so there is no downloading/uploading of files to be done. We've created content managed solutions from scratch as well as installed various systems. We are adept with using and implementing Joomla, Magento, and Drupal CMS systems. We can work with Wordpress as well, and have a dedicated Wordpress programmer, however ADA compliance concerns have arisen with 90% of the plugins on the market. Again, we try to make every effort to provide you the right solution, and if WordPress is the only one for you, we can accomodate.

Social Marketing.

ebusiness Solutions imageEvolve has been in the Social Media and Social Marketing space for a decade. We know what it takes to get your voice heard above the rest. Social starts with listening, but migrates quickly to engagement and a marketing push to friends, followers and linked up companies and people. If you don't have a Social Marketing strategy you are going to be left in the dust by your competitors that do. If you're not listening to what people are saying about your company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you're missing the opportunity to respond to their concerns, issues and feedback.

We'll work with your existing marketing plan, personell or firm to develop a quality, quantitative and expandable plan to engage and respond to your audience. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, blogging, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, we'll determine where you should be, how often, and best practices for your company. Evolve will train your staff on the use of your company's voice and those best practices. Ensure you're responding!


This is transparent

It's our belief in what e-commerce should be - Adaptive, Scalable, and Intuitive. Evolve Solutions delivers a scalable range of solutions to meet your e-commerce demands. We review your needs, existing client base, research your competition and propose the best solution for your company and your products or services.

Each solution is custom to the individual customer and we never try to fit you in to a boxed product that won't grow with your company - or be difficult to use.

Custom Web Application Design. Each business operates with a unique set of challenges. Evolve Solutions helps identify ways those challenges can be addressed by utilizing a variety of web-based solutions. By identifying key areas of your business where we can deliver measurable results, we design an application solution that is tailored to meet the growing needs of your organization.

Custom Mobile Application Development. As the mobile arena experiences exponential growth have you expanded your internet presence to include users that buy and surf via smart phones, iPhones and Android devices? Evolve can determine your needs based on existing metrics and deliver the correct mobile solution for your company. We can review your existing platform to determine if it's mobile compatible.

You may need a mobile-specific application, based on reviewing the marketplace, your company's growth potential and your competitor's offerings. Evolve can design and create a custom application to drive traffic, increase revenue and expand your market share. Call us today for a free consultation.

Administration Solutions

Finding the time for the day-to-day administration of your web site may be a challenge for your company. Evolve Solutions can help you overcome these time constraints. By tasking all, or a portion, of your web site administration to Evolve, you can free up valuable time to focus on other important issues. Your website should be a sales person - one that doesn't require heat, benefits, a chair... Our prices will save you from hiring a person just to update your site daily.

Time Block

Simply call or email your Evolve project manager and inform them of the changes you need made to your site. The time spent is billed against your pre-purchased block of hours and turn-around time is generally the same day.

Time Blocks can be used for any of our services. All blocks are purchased up front and you receive a monthly list of work accomplished based on 1/2-hour increments. We have 10, 20 and 50 hour blocks. If these don't fit, give us a call and we'll find a custom solution for you.

Dedicated Administration

Evolve devotes a pre-determined amount of time to your web site. This time can be spent daily, weekly, monthly, or on any other schedule that is necessary. Talk to your Evolve representative about your budget and with a signed contract we'll take good care of you. With this service you'll receive on-time administration and maintenance of your site - guaranteed.

Administration Solutions image


This product is great for customers that need moments-notice support. If a block of hours won't fit your budget, but you have things that change monthly, but don't need to have a CMS, you may wish to have Evolve on retainer. Our rates are competitive* and we respond with in 3 hours to any contact using this service. Generally most changes and updates occur within 24 hours of the contact. This plan is a growing solution for many of our customers. It means your changes get fixed quick, and you don't have to worry about spending more than your budget.

*Note: additional hourly rates may apply