Portfolio Work Examples

There are many examples of Evolve's work, some are shown below, but we can't fit them all here, so contact us for more examples. Several of these designs were created prior to the rise of responsive design and the explosion of mobile technology. Additionally some have been redesigned by others.

:: Main Street Bar-B-Que Branding

Main Street BBQ is a new flavor profile and venue in Lowell Michigan. They needed a new logo and branding to match their personality and kitsch. We created a logo that merged part of their menu, namely pork, and a cartooned representation of one of their owners.
Branding - Logo Creation example
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Branding Design

:: Enterprise Tool & Die

Enterprise is a 50+ year old tool & die shop in Grandville Michigan. A unique challenge in creating a design for a product or service company that develops things that most people don't ever see, like a heat shield, is how to make it sexy. For Enterprise we focused on images of the products their parts are utilized, like a Corvette. We did create some interesting interactive looking image loaders that showcased their products in a sexy way as well. This brochure-ware website acts like a CMS driven site, but is built from straight HTML, CSS and Javascript with no backend database or management system. Evolve has started creating so-called Headless CMS websites. These are sites with prebuilt HTML pages that can be modified by a CMS. This is VERY secure because the admin isn't public-facing. You can google the advantages of headless websites for your next project.
Enterprise Die Tool And Die Shop in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Straight HTML Static Website
  • Site Design
  • Content Integration and Management
  • Responsive Design

:: Impeccable Equerry

Impeccable Equerry was a startup near Grand Rapids, MI, specializing in custom leather chaps for Dressage and Western riders. They needed a brochure-ware website to start that was to become a full fledge ecommerce platform with custom fitting calculators. Unfortunately the project was put on hold prior to the commerce portion being built. The design for this site needed to be very minimalistic focusing on the product shots. The customer was very specific about the overall layout and design of this site.
Design and Responsive Site Creation
  • Custom Site Design
  • Responsive Design

:: L2 Advisors

L2 Advisors could not accomplish a microsite with their existing platform. Evolve created a WordPress based microsite for a new product L2 developed for the teachers in the State of Michigan. True to the nature of a microsite, it went away after six months. This site needed to be custom designed, but utilize elements from their existing site's design. The requirement was that it be just different enough one knew they were in a different website, but similar enough to know that you were still with L2. The client saw a 600% increase in customers over the course of the run of this microsite.
L2 Advisors in Cascade, MI
  • Microsite
  • Site Design
  • Content Management

:: Osteria Rossa

Osteria Rossa's new site was created using one of our recent collaborations, Appetizing. Evolve has partnered with Green Frog Photo and Boivert Design to help restaurants get "Butts In Seats". For this project we incorporated Green Frog's new food and venue photography. Chef Perkey's food is highly showcased in this new site design, essentially getting out of the way of the amazing photography shot by Green Frog.

We utilized a Mobile-First design practice in this site creation. Click on the image to see how the site looks on a desktop.
Osteria Rossa's Custom Design

:: Amway

Amway needed many new Blog designs for their Corporate Media Initiative & PR Campaign. Amway's effort to address its online critics required social media & thereby blogs. Evolve created several new designs & coded additional sites for this initiative. An Evolve asset worked on site with Amway developers through many projects including multiple eCommerce applications & various web sites. The sites shown to the right & below are current blog designs found on Amway's sites. There are more examples of Blogs worked on & designed for Amway by Evolve. In all better than 13 blogs were designed & created.

Evolve Assets also worked on previous & the new eCommerce Application found at Amway.com

It should be noted that Amway has turned off many of their blogs.
Evolve Site Design & Code

:: Writer's Block

  • Site Look
  • Dot Net Custom Code
  • Custom header design
Evolve Portfolio - Code Review

:: Code Review.

  • Site Look
  • Custom header design
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