Portfolio Work Examples

There are many examples of Evolve's work, some are shown below, but we can't fit them all here, so contact us for more examples.

:: Triple Quest

The Triple Quest company needed an updated site design with news & company information. They needed to update their site themselves, so requested a Drupal site. Evolve created a new custom template for their website & installed it in Drupal. Evolve is also assisting Triple Quest with Search Engine Optimization, as they're a new company & need to be found.
  • Custom Site Design
  • Drupla Plugin Research & Integration
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization

:: Advanced Insulation Technology

Advanced Insulation Technology is a local foam insulation company in West Michigan. AIT lost their domain name due to an unscrupulous website development person. Essentially this person bought the DNS for AIT & then didn't turn ownership over to them, when the site was complete. AIT had to find & purchase a new domain & get a whole new site. Evolve created a new custom design, set up a CMS for them, (so they didn't feel held over a barrel) & instituted an SEO program to help them be found after this terrible incident destroyed their ranking.
  • Ecommerce Application
  • Site Design
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization

:: Peaches Bed & Breakfast

Peaches B&B is a beautiful old brick home in the Heritage Hill District of Gr& Rapids MI. The inside, outside & gardens are just gorgeous. However, their site was not. They also had trouble getting their content updated in a timely fashion, by their previous web designer. Evolve installed a new Content Management system & created a custom site design that reflected the beauty if the inn. A blog, various custom templates & image gallery were also installed for Peaches.

Now, Peaches' staff can update with new pages touting the B&B's artists during ArtPrize, new recipes used at the inn, & take in room requests.
Peaches' Custom Design
  • Site Look
  • CMS Installation
  • Custom Template Creation
  • Website Hosting

:: Amway

Amway needed many new Blog designs for their Corporate Media Initiative & PR Campaign. Amway's effort to address its online critics required social media & thereby blogs. Evolve created several new designs & coded additional sites for this initiative. An Evolve asset worked on site with Amway developers through many projects including multiple eCommerce applications & various web sites. The sites shown to the right & below are current blog designs found on Amway's sites. There are more examples of Blogs worked on & designed for Amway by Evolve. In all better than 13 blogs were designed & created.

Evolve Assets also worked on previous & the new eCommerce Application found at Amway.com

It should be noted that Amway has turned off many of their blogs. Many of the blogs that remain at Opportunity Zone were worked on by Douglas Kelly of Evolve Solutions & several designs still exist.
Evolve Site Design & Code

:: Writer's Block

  • Site Look
  • Dot Net Custom Code
  • Custom header design
Evolve Portfolio - Code Review

:: Code Review.

  • Site Look
  • Custom header design

:: Pragmatic Technology Consulting

Pragmatic Tech wanted a site that not only captured their Pragmatism, but had a little flair & a clean layout. Evolve Solutions not only created PTC's website, but their whole br&, including developing their logo, web site copy writing, & business card design. They wanted to have an online marketing piece that portrayed PTC as the responsive, high end Technology Firm they are.
  • Site Look
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Creation
  • Business Card Design

:: Bar Harbor Bed & Breakfast Assoc

The Bar Harbor BnB Association of Bar Harbor Maine, had a unique request of Evolve Solutions: they wanted visitors to check availability of rooms in all 31 BnBs in the entire association. Effectively a potential BnB visitor could check any room with any amenity on the isl&. Evolve created a content management tool that allowed each BnB to manage their own availability as well as check room status of other BnBs to assist their clients with their stay. The site Administrators can update the entire site.
  • Site Look
  • Recipe & Gallery Administrator
  • Full Content Management of Navigation & Pages
  • Amenity & Availability Management
      - Login Based